Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


After my very leisurely start to the day; I realised there was much I wanted to do/achieve so I had better get a move on! First thing was to make a tent card to go alongside the Easter eggs that I am giving out at work tomorrow. I won't be there, so wanted to drop them off today.

It got so late to leave home, lunch had to be eaten first! My blip is of our lunch! Food served on sizzling platters - you can hear it coming from the kitchen and G reckons you get a free facial in the process!! You have to be careful not to burn the inside of your mouth! As you can see, there is rather a lot of food on my plate; the restaurant does not - as yet - do ladies portions! :(

Did a couple more things before FINALLY arriving at my office (4 hours later) to leave the Easter eggs. Had to test a couple to make sure they were ok! ;) Home to some Easter and start of new week prep. 6am sunrise service tomorrow, so need to get to bed soon! Happy Easter especially to my blip-buddies who celebrate it! :)

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