Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Sunrise Service

HAPPY EASTER everyone! Hope you had a good day!

4:30am alarm this morning to be at the beach for 6 for an Easter sunrise service! This is a time of day I rarely get to see! G standing besides me looking out in the distance announced, "this is my favourite time of day!" Ugh!

We had a super service followed by full water baptism in the River Jordan Arabian Gulf(!!) of several people including 4 children, and then - BREAKFAST!! A real feast was laid out which had everything but cereal!

As we were so far up; G suggested we visit my Dad's grave. Can't believe when we got back into town, it was still only 9:30 and some places were still starting up! Finally got home at noon and G set to making a roast lamb dinner. First time for me with lamb. It was different!

Doctors appointment again and a stop at IKEA to replace a duvet that G ruined by er doing a quick iron of a blouse resulting in the outer covering of the duvet melting and sticking to the cover ! She tried to deny it but there was a mark the shape of an iron!!! She's too funny!

It's been a good day and I've loved being off whilst others were at work! :))

My blip is of the musicians this morning. No mics, no speakers, no chairs; everything natural. A great selection of songs too. Perfect!

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