By WharfedaleBex

Ben Vorlich

A luxurious 8am blue sky start and a leisurely breakfast in the strengthening sun was followed by a chauffeur driven drive (Dave) to the car park for a walk up Ben Vorlich.

A lot of faffing started the walk. Rich was gutted - firstly, to have only brought his winter boots and secondly, to develop blisters. Magic Compeed to the rescue. A few faffs later, we were on our way. My feet were tender yesterday but I'd added the magic first thing and all was well. I had noticed that at canine hydro, sheets of skin were coming off the bottoms of my feet in Dec/Jan (nice) and after all my hiccups this year, the lack of walking has not built the skin back up again. What was life like before Compeed?

Superb day followed with sunshine all the way, steep ascent (luckily, we all prefer that) and being able to sit on the top... An unusual luxury in Scotland often prevented by wind, rain or midges!

Little Dog enjoyed being back in the mountains and loved a dash around in a decent patch of snow near the top.

The way down was a bit of a knee breaker (this is Rich & Dave planning a route off) but has ended with an ice cream at the car, omelette and chips at the van along with Billionaire Güs and a stroll into Luss for a quick drink.

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