Blue jay

Skipped a blip yesterday. My day looked like this ...
~choir practice
~church service
~deliver a birthday present
~grab lunch (and a really poor one at that)
~more choir practice
~Christmas concert
~home...exhausted and ready to collapse...
So sorry, but no time or energy to blip!

Today I went to the park early with a cut up apple in my pocket for Rascaletta. She came running when I walked into the little grove of pines, and so did about 8 other deer. Now I'm going to try to finish my Christmas cards. Think I'm a little late this year?

Forgot to mention that last week, when I blipped the young buck, I put off blipping a blue jay, saying he would have to wait his turn. Isn't he a striking bird? Pesky and loud, but striking. And now he's had his turn on Blipfoto.

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