Feels like it's getting to that time of year again. A few minutes of peace and quiet down by the river at the end of the day always helps. Few minutes... hour and a bit...

Headed a bit further along the shore than usual too, until the undergrowth and the rising tide barred any further exploration. Hard to imagine that many, many moons ago this part of the Forth would've been a hive of activity all along the river here, down towards Stirling as far as the eye could see. Even today, the glassworks in the distance is the biggest employer in the area, with a recent announcement that tens of millions of pounds will be invested over the next few years to ensure it stays that way. Everything heads in and out of there on tarmac instead of water now though.

I'm off for one of our annual boy's caravan liver abusing weekend's tomorrow and, as I sat here waiting on the water to smooth over like glass, realised that out of the four of us that are heading off, I'm the only one who's work isn't based around that place. I'll make sure I drink out of plenty of bottles that are made there to show my solidarity though.

Might be off of here 'til Monday now, enjoy the long weekend (if you're lucky enough to have it), pretty sure I will.


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