Our house is south facing and in a great position on the hillside overlooking our village to see the weather arriving, and it's a great day for sunshine and showers. I'm looking out of the window now, minutes after I've uploaded this blip and the sky is uniform grey with showers crossing this same scene.

We've been orienteering in the Ilkley Urban Race today and also doing our turn at volunteering on registration. We both were absolutely soaked on our courses and my superspecs spent most of the run perched on top of my head whilst I held my map two inches from my face, brilliant! However helping on an event always gives us the chance to catch up with pals so overall it's been a good day, especially as the school catering guy served bacon and sausage sandwiches.

Probably looks better in large so you can see the detail of village life! We have an aerial photo of pretty much this scene from the 1940s and I think I counted six cars back then, and some significant changes over the decades. It's changed a fair bit, with the demolition of the mill below us and the new housing estate, since we moved in late 1980s.

And K, I have your map....will you be there tomorrow?

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