RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography


It has been some time since I shot any surfing action (a little over two years to be exact), but today our friend Carlos had us take him to "The Ranch". Too much wave for me to try, but there were a dozen or so experienced surfers who got out into the 5-7' waves. I wanted to capture wipeout action as I had before, but the sun refused to cooperate when the waves were large (making for some very muddy images) and when it did finally emerge from behind the clouds, the surfers who were left all seemed to be goofy-footed riders (meaning I got their backs as they flew off the waves). I concentrated, therefore, on capturing images of surfers and waves, like this guy here effortlessly riding down the face of this turquoise colored wave. View in large for an extra close view of the water.

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