Happy New Year!

A day of lazing around with the still rapturous cat and happy guinea pigs. Then we headed up* to Si and Lindz's for board games and a gorgeous dinner. It was lovely to share the New Year with friends, Rebels and the Imperial forces. We played a Star Wars board game that Si had last played on his 21st birthday (a wee while ago!) and it took some time to figure out the rules. In the end, we made them up ourselves. Darth Vader talked to us via a VHS video and awarded us Dark Points for doing evil deeds. We didn't quite manage to stop the Death Star destroying the Rebel Planet. Maybe next time.

We donned hats, gloves, scarfs and coats and took glasses of pink fizz out onto the balcony to view the South London fireworks, which all went off a little early. Hence this blip is for the 31st rather than the 1st. That suits me fine, though, as I didn't take any photos of the lazy day. The fireworks were all around us, but we saw those mainly from Crystal Palace and Norwood Park. Orange lanterns with tealights floated up into the sky - they looked magical. It started snowing and we headed in to play games on the Wii. Much fun.

Plans are already forming for 2010 and it looks like it may be a good one.

Happy New Year!

*Note from a later date: On the way up to Si and Linz's, I spontaneously asked Fred to marry me. He said "Yes". It took a little while to tell everyone, hence not mentioning it on this blip at the time.

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