Hare Stare

My sister and I took our mother, who lives in a care home in Tillingham, for a sherry at The Fox And Hounds and pushed her in her wheelchair around the village. I took some shots of leather on willow while Mother name-dropped Wisden.

It was such a beautiful evening so I decided to have a quick walk to St. Peter's Chapel. The corn buntings were jangling and the whitethroats flicking and darting. I photographed a black woman, with corn-rows and a purple sequined floppy hat, against the ancient walls of the chapel. Quite exotic I thought.

I noticed this hare by the sea wall. It wasn't bothered by my presence. As I was taking pics a man approached and we got talking. What an interesting and wide ranging chat Dr Tim Gardiner and I had. It turns out that he had been playing at the cricket match I had togged. His work involves looking after the sea wall and the wildlife habitats that border it. Shrill carder bees and glow worms here I come. :)

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