Coffee and cream!

It was a bit wet to say the least earlier today, but it had dried up nicely by the time I left work, so I went to Barnes green to have a look at the Wild Angelica growing beside the road to see if there were any interesting flies to photograph. After this I went on to Southwater woods where I knew these little babies would be nectaring on the cow parsley.
I have a very soft spot for this little hover fly Leucozona lucorum, It has wonderful coffee and cream colours, and even though I find it each year, it is never very plentiful.
It flies primarily in spring but there could be a partial second brood later in the summer. I can be confused with Volucella pellucens, (see September 10th 2013) but V. pellucens is all black and flies a little later in the summer.
I am so sorry I am behind with my commenting, I will try to catch up over the weekend :-)

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