Behind the cement works

Behind the cement works to the side of the Leith Docks, there is a forgotten beach, flanked by the rubbish strewn Marine Esplanade. Accessing the beach is a grim process, but the beach itself, cleansed by regular tides, is actually quite clean and quite pleasant. Unusually for me, I got into conversation with these two characters, asking them if they had been camping. No, they said, they were just using the beach as an alternative to the overcrowded Porty Prom nearby. What I thought was a tent was actually a blow up dinghy, on which they were proposing to take an excursion once the tide came in....

I have to say, I wasn't too sure. First, there were plenty of tinnies hidden behind those plastic bags so I wasn't convinced they'd really be fit for duty when the time came. And second, they had a fire going. Plastic dinghies and fires don't really mix. Mind you, it's a lovely mild day, with barely any breeze, so they will probably be ok.

We left the beach before the tide came in.

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