Flower Spirit

By flowerspirit

Rosy Tinted Spectacles

School being off most of this week has created an extended holiday spirit in our household, and today felt like a party. I decided to answer the door wearing 3D glasses - it could well be the only New Year's Resolution I make. So instantly I'm seeing the world through rosy tinted spectacles as long as I keep the blue eye tightly shut.

Today the first words were penned in my new flowery pink journal (thank you Claire) and they were words of inspiration and planning for a brilliant new creative project. Ooh. Giddy giddy, made a start on that today and it evolved creatively and effortlessly as all the best inspired things do. Noah decided that it would be funny to photograph people's buttocks (clothed and with permission) with his DSi and apply an effect that gives the impression of buttocks swaying from side to side. It is brilliant! We laughed lots and soundtrack could only be this. Now we just need there to be a blipvideo to capture the hilarity.

Creativity was definitely flowing in our house today. The life size 3D campfire we're building for the cubs concert in a few weeks has sprung into life with a paint job and some papier mache coals. 'Who would have thought you could get such a great effect with a dry brush and hardly any paint?' I commented to Noah, admiring his handiwork with the burning embers. 'Michelangelo' he suggested. Indeed.

Another creative and exciting new work development is that I've begun to offer personalised guided meditations. A wonderful consultation tonight with someone who wants me to develop one for her and we came up with some beautiful ideas. I look forward to weaving them together for her in the next few days. The last truffle has just been scoffed so I guess maybe, finally, the party's over.

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