Theo sound asleep

Theo doesn't always fancy sleeping at midnight but he was sound asleep at 10.30 this morning. I just loved the light on his skin and marveled at him asleep in his preferred spot in the lounge on his rocker, while life goes on around him.

I dropped off some backing to Theo's Mum and Dad and his big sister. They had a nasty bug through everyone recently and as they're my only family in Christchurch, they needed a care package :-)

Thank you for yesterday's comments. I felt 'blah' and blipping was a huge effort. Today I've felt more 'stable'. Unlike yesterday, I didn't start the day at full steam and fade thereafter. Instead I've pottered gently, paced myself and even watched a DVD this afternoon - unheard of!

My eyes will be fine. My sight could be a lot worse. I'm blipping trying out the borrowed glasses. They feel weird but I'll persevere. It may be that we correct my long vision and I accommodate close-up.

The weekends nearly at an end. Pity, I'd just learned to pace myself and allow my immune system to gently rebuild. It's a lesson I'll take with me into the new week.

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