Silhouettes .....

..... at sunset.

It's been a long day at work watching the rain hammering down outside and this evening I've had a trip up to the Cow & Calf hotel for an impromptu blipmeet with Spartan and DrMackem along with Victoria and Mr M. The evening was a lot lovelier than the day had been and it was good to have Spartan there to attract the midges away from everyone else ;).

In other news I've now uploaded the film I developed yesterday that had come out of an old Coronet Ambassador camera bought at the local saleroom. The Kodacolour X film in it was only produced between 1963 and 1974 so it gives me a rough idea of when the photos were taken. Looking at the poster in photo 1 I'm guessing they were taken in France, but if anyone can identify the buildings in the photos it would be interesting to narrow it down.

As it's compulsory to blip the Cow & Calf rocks if you're up there at sunset, today's blip is .....

..... Silhouettes at sunset.

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