By scribbler

Cracked pot

Bishop's cup and farewell card. (SOOC)

This cup can no longer be used—there's many a chip twixt the cup and the lip—but it retains its symbolism.
Today I gave it, along with the enclosed note, to Mary Anne, our newest priest, whose last day is today—Pentecost Sunday. The Holy Spirit arrives, she departs.

I'm bummed. I'm skeptical of the reasons that were offered for its necessity, and it's as though a friend has been banished. I will miss her.


I greatly appreciate your visits, comments, encouragement, and accolades.
I am working steadily, but progress on the novel is slow. If I keep trudging ahead one day at a time I know I'll pick up momentum eventually.
Sorry, I have no idea when it will be published, but yes, I'm planning to have a Kindle (or at least electronic) version available when the time comes. Thanks for asking!

I miss you!

And may the Holy Spirit fall afresh on you.

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