With us for a good time, not a long time

Cousteau's not allowed on the couch.

He's not allowed on the bed either.

Except when it suits me.

I know it's unfair but he really seems to understand!

He is very polite and only jumps up when I tell him he can.

My couch is a two-seater and there isn't the room for the two of us so it's one at a time.

To his credit, he didn't really settle well on the couch, though he did seem to enjoy the comfy blanket and cushions (the blue one is the one I made last week).

He was more than happy to jump off when asked and he accepted his treat (some beef mince - premium, no less!) in a gentlemanly manner.

I love that dog!

So, it's okay to spoil him from time to time.

Well, that's what I keep telling myself, anyway.

Tired, grumpy, achy and just plain ready for bed.


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