Comfy Soft

News from Market Square is that Florrie has a dog, name of Roscoe. They make an endearing combination. Roscoe is as feisty as Florrie. It was a long time before I plucked up courage to speak to this formidable woman. Her deep rasping voice and rather hectoring tone was more than a little intimidating.

I've since found out that she's always had the same chesty voice, even as a young girl, according to the long-standing locals here. Today she was sharing old and rather faded photographs of some of the dogs she's had in the past. This one is not actually hers. She's looking after it for a friend. I got a real sense today that behind the hard exterior dear Florrie is all comfy soft on the inside. Mind you, I'm not entirely sure her husband would agree. I've only ever seen him keep his distance at least three paces behind!

Just to note for the journal that it was another crazy day in the office - but we've survived. The whole team has been amazing this week. Felt very proud of everyone for the job they are doing. I keep saying that what we are trying to achieve with so few people is impossible - but we do keep delivering. Just. It does feel like we are continuously just one small step ahead of our clients though! Nothing like living on the edge!!

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