Holland v/s Spain

I added some unexpected bonus shots of Samba de Brasil dancers who gave a surprise performance at noon as we won the match last night… The series is here on Flickr.

You must have noticed that the World Cup Football started yesterday, at least I have as Holland traditionally turns orange.

Tonight was the first important match between the World Champion Spain and Holland and to be honest… as I answered SteinJ on his question on his journal to me prior to the game… I didn't have a clue but thought Spain would win.

I also told him I was making this poster of the Dutch team captain as toreador versus the raging Spanish bull on a typical orange decorated facade.

Planning to title it 'The Bull won',….

How wrong could I be… we won

And even more unexpected - as if I had prophecy skills - the Toreador on the poster is Robin van Persie who ironically made the first of the five Dutch goals in a legendary game! Sorry Stein

As you can imagine it's a pretty big party in Haarlem Centre now.

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