Bombay Sapphire

One of the great things about having relatives over is...leftover booze. Oh and food as well. I finished the blue cheese the other day.

When I arrived home tonight, Jo announced that she was having a wine and not having a night off. Whew! Relief! The only problem was that there was no cold wine in the fridge. In fact there was only one Sol beer.

We shared the beer.

I put some wine in the freezer.

Meantime I found some Indian tonic water in the fridge...and some gin in the cupboard.

So we polished the gin off.

It sounds bad I know but,...but... Well it isn't going to sit in the cupboard taking up more space than it's ABV.

Now all we have left is some Jamaican rum, Famous Grouse, Vodka, Tequila and some single malt whiskey.

To top it off I am watching The Simpsons which will soon be followed by Futurama.

Life is good.

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