Lake Lyndon

Today my daughter and I went for a spin up to Lake Lyndon, which is a short distance into the mountains. The sunshine was warm, the sky was blue, but the wind was very chilly. At the lake the light was strangely harsh and yellow. This was about 1 pm, a few days away from midwinter. I found it difficult to manage in my camera. If I tried to compensate for the bleaching the image became too dark. My daughter had the same problem with her camera, but her iPhone did a better job. My shot is of an arm of the lake close to the main road.

Best seen large

On the way home we stopped at Porters Pass, where I have taken photos on three different occasions. I was delighted to find the little group of plants that I blipped here. The white starry moss has grown scruffy and is overwhelming the orange plants. The smaller compact one has grown an upright fruiting body like a little mast.

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