'Family, Friends & Housework'

A day a home to catch up with people and housework today.

Again perfect Winter weather today, actually T shirt weather for me today, and a nice sunny day to dry all of the washing.

This morning Ahma and Aunty Leng came over to visit. Leng has just returned from a holiday to Tibet. Sounds a really fantastic place to visit. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos.

Then, early afternoon we had friends over for a catch up. They are in the middle of major house renovations and are trying to spend as much time away from the house as possible at this stage as the back half of their house now doesn't exist. It will be a totally different story in another few months and it will all be worth the pain and discomfort. Look forward to seeing it finished.

They also came over to see their girls chickens that we are looking after for them while the reno's are underway. Really nice to catch up and the kids all had a great time playing together. The guinea pigs even got to come out in the sun for a while.

Back to work tomorrow and the weather is deteriorating apparently.

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