Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Still building after all these years

What a day I've had! As it is the last working day before Ramadan begins, it had been decided that the Marketing department and training production team (the one I belong to) would go out for lunch. For various reasons, that got cancelled, but my team still went out. Well, the four that were there...

My boss Farzan did a quick bit of thinking and suggested that as we had spare capacity in one of the hotels where our courses were being held, we ought to lunch there... so we headed off to the Dusit Thani which is located at Interchange No. 1 on Sheikh Zayed Road, and as you can see - the lunch room on the 24th floor has excellent views of Dubai. We sat on the side facing South so this is the road going off to Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi. Burj Khalifa can also be seen from this side.

I'm always amazed at how much space there always is to build something or the other! Even the roadworks haven't been finished and you can just about see the junction being prepared for landscaping.

The 90 minutes we were allowed stretched to 3 hours! Far too relaxed!! Got back to the office just in time to do my Thursday afternoon job (uploading photographs taken at our courses to the Facebook site) when it was noticed that there was a strong smell of gas. By this time there was only an hour of work left before the weekend commenced, so our general manager sent us all home! :D :) 8)

I headed to Dubai Mall to get a few things out of the way done - one of which involved looking/sussing out certain electronic items - like a new a/c for Gs room! That done; I thoroughly enjoyed browsing the rest of Plug-ins. Was shown this interesting device to put around your tummy to breakdown and get rid of fat. The OSIM USlender - I am intrigued.

An Asus Transformer Netbook/Tablet and Nokia 630 were the other two things that caught my eye. Nothing came home with me though as I didn't want to impulse buy on the smaller things (slimmer/phone) and they were out of stock with the a/c! Oh well. Another day I guess...

Need to get to bed pronto as tomorrow morning, I am meeting the lady who has bought my X10 to deliver it and give her a few tips on photography! :)

PS. Large is great!

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