Pity there's only one...

It could have been the Cray twins.
The purpose of this holiday was to "do" a number of the several gardens around this general area of Southern Haggisland.
Today we ''did''
"Logan Botanic Garden "

At the south-western tip of Scotland lies Logan, the country’s most exotic garden. Warmed by the Gulf Stream, southern hemisphere plants flourish in this plantsman’s paradise near Port Logan in Dumfries & Galloway.

Too much to choose from, most of it repeatable, sometime or other. This chap/chappess was a "different kettle of fish", it being the only one I've ever seen.
On return to the site we had a wee wander by the Loch where a fisher-bloke was catching these, amongst other things.
Before "HE" chimes in to correct me I shall point out I have since followed the link and been put right.
So far as the bloke catching them was concerned ... Any he caught must be killed and buried, since they are foreign invaders, slowly putting an end to the locals. If, however, he caught them by intent (Without a licence) it would be illegal.
I know it's NOT that simple, but I just can't grasp WHY getting rid of an invading species can be seen as illegal.

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