I can't believe I turned 27 years old today. WOW. Where have the days and years gone? My twenties just seem like a blur. I want to be in my twenties forever. Is that normal?

I think this picture is silly.. because I received two stuffed animals for my birthday and I'm not 8 years old. I just love snuggling with soft things (i.e. Barefoot Dreams blankets.. hello.) and this little Hello Kitty lamb is the softest!! I got one for Caroline (5 year old niece) for Christmas and I wanted one just like it. Besides, Caroline wouldn't share her with me when I was sick on Christmas... so I asked Michael for one. And he came through!
Birthday was much much more fun than Christmas since I wasn't laid up on the couch, etc etc.
The goods:
- a nikon battery pack for the d300 which ramps my fps from 6 to 8
- 120 speed film for the mamiya
- hello kitty lamb
- an owl stuffed animal (also pictured above)
- barefoot dreams hoodie .. which I'm about to put on and snuggle
- fancy wool/cashmere coat
- a bowl made of strips of paper from evie (it's hard to describe but very cool)

AND the dinner for tonight:
-Kobe tenderloin filets with steak diane sauce
-Gorgonzola and cream potatoes
-The best caesar salad ever
-Chocolate souffle for dessert

I was going to blip the chocolate souffles.. but I ate it too fast and forgot.
All in all - a great birthday.
Thank you friends and family for all the well wishes and making it the best ever.

Now I'm sipping on a Cabernet Franc ice wine whilst watching 24 with the family.

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