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Bowood 2014 #23: Tractor Ted's

It had been more than a couple of weeks since I had visited Tractor Ted's Little Farm when I had been to Bowood, and so I knew nothing of this family of pigs that had been there about a fortnight. The eleven piglets were born on May 20th on a farm near Swindon and their mother is a Saddleback, rather appropriately if unpoetically named Big Pig. The father is a Gloucester Old Spot/Mangalitza cross, and so the piglets are a mixture of all three types, only one actually having a saddleback. The Mangalitza is the curly long-haired pig, so it will be interesting to see if any develop this characteristic when they are older.

30.6.2014 (2143 hr)

Blip #1305
Consecutive Blip #167
Day #1544

Lens: Pentax 17-70 mm
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Bowood series
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Joan As Police Woman - Witness (2014)
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