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Reybridge (Tuesday 16th June 2015)

The last time I had driven through Reybridge I had spotted a fine display of flowers in a front garden and put them in my memory blip bank. Returning on this occasion I photographed the garden but couldn't do justice to it. Perhaps it was a different time of day and the light was wrong - anyhow I have included one of the shots, of Apple Store Studio, as an Extra.
Instead I have blipped this chocolate box thatched cottage round the corner, of which I discover that although I have photographed it before it has not previously been properly blipped. It stands facing the River Avon almost opposite the actual Rey Bridge.
Speaking of chocolate boxes, I wonder why they need to be made so attractive? Surely, the contents themselves are enough of an attraction regardless of the package. A plain cover with 'CHOCOLATE' written across it in large letters would surely do the trick?

25.6.2015 (2025 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Sarah Cracknell (featuring Nicky Wire) - Nothing Left To Talk About (2015)
An extra birthday present ordered prior to its release arrived on Sunday 14th. It was Sarah Cracknell's second solo album, Red Kite, released some fourteen years after the first. She is, of course, the singer with St Etienne, a favourite band of mine, and the album had been played in full by this day, fully living up to my expectations. A Manic Street Preacher guests on this track.

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