Visitor to my One Street

Early this morning when I got up there was a small Reeves Muntjack in the garden and I thought this might be my Blip today, before I could pick up the camera it had disappeared into the wild garden. A larger one arrived later, but by that time I had photographed this Fox.

The Fox was slowly making its way across the garden towards the Lane which is part of my 'One Street'. It looks rather bedraggled in the picture, but that is due no doubt to its damaged right-back leg. I hope it survives, but there is not much I can do to help it.

Once on my ‘One Street’ it drank water from a puddle, then looked at me before making its way further down the lane. In over three years of Blipping I do not think I have ever blipped a Fox so, damaged or not it had to be today’s blip.

I have back-blipped yesterday’s wild animal, which appeared in the garden during the evening.

Other pictures from my 'One Street' are can be found here.

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