By Howlene

Keep it down

Keep it down

The sound of not music, but doors, people walking, the air condition, keys, magazines, voices, please keep it down! It is too load. I have not contact with my feelings. Or thoughts sometimes too. Please set me on a break. But the head spin.

This day is hot, 29 celsius. But I am never hot, so it works. The Oleum dog is low with short legs, it is a wienerdog, lol, a hotdog. Yes, I mix with my words. And all is too much. So. Keep it down. For a moment. Or hours. Or weeks. Keep it down. I want to die. Let me fall asleep, for ever. But, they don´t aload me. All I get is a night of sleep. Then up to another day tomorrow.

Tomorrow, tomorrow. What will I picture then? Maybe nothing at all. Maybe some more feets. Cause I can´t stand on them, not standing tall. At all. But I had a happy moment with the dolls and the camera. My camera is powered by unusual thinking, remember. Remember or not, a wedensday is over.

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