Two, on the trot.

Yesterday was a "Silky".
Today we had a plant/info exchange with Derwent lass (Cousin, Blip seems to run in the family). We met at Cocklakes farm shop for a meal, catch up on the crack, do the exchange etc.
We saw this handsome bloke yesterday when he was more confined and less photogenic, but he got his chance at the lime-light today.

Yesterday I "Googled" for "Fluffy white hen"and discovered it was, in fact, a Silky. Today I looked for a "Cockerel with a rose comb" Surprise, surprise ... There exist a breed known as a "Rose comb", and this is him in all his glory: almost a perfect copy of one I found online.
BTW the meal was pretty good and the crack even better.

Aside "Google" is to search engine as "Biro" is to ball point pen AND I, once heard somebody refer to a "Dyson hoover".

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