Visiting the World

By HannahRoseB

Gondola and Cruise

Up early this morning to make sure I can squeeze in 2 Brewster activities - this company seems to have a monopoly on all the biggest Rockies attractions and I was able to get the Gondola and Cruise as a package deal.

So first the Gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain! It was super busy, but well organised. After the 8 minute trip to the top, you can then walk across to the second and highest peak. The views were incredible, and the weather was perfect. It was nice to finally get to see the Rockies, especially from a perspective that really makes you appreciate it!

Back at the bottom, I grabbed a coffee before heading back into town. I had been booked onto a free shuttle to Lake Minnewanka, as it's quite a way out of town. Again the lake was stunning an the mountains surrounding it looked as though they will be filled with wildlife! The cruise was fun and informative, kind of like an hour long tour. I kept an eye out for bears in the shore, but unfortunately we only saw a Bald Eagle. They said that you are no longer able to do the trail that went around the entire lake (70k) as it was damaging the wolf population - people walking through the bedroom was reducing the amount of breeding! So it now only leads half way, then you have to go back the way you came.
At the end of the lake is Devil's Gap. It was amazing. It's literally where the Glacier pushed through the mountains forming the lake, and is the end of the Rockies to the east.

On the way back into Banff I got to see another 2 bears, eating on the side of the road!! And a tiny, antler glimpse, of an elk.

This evening a couple of American guys in my dorm told me about meadow near by that is beautiful and often filled with elk. I didn't see anything, but the view of the sun setting on the mountain is something I will never forget.

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