Wide Angle Stairs

Awhile back I remember somebody, I think it was Kendall, who asked to see more of the interior of my house. Thought I'd show everybody our stairs today. :)

We have what is known around here as a "daylight basement." That means the front of it is above ground and the back isn't. Down there are three bedrooms, a bathroom and a sitting room. Currently Arvin and I have two studies down there and Helena has a bedroom and a sitting room. It is well used space.

These stairs head down to that lower territory. Of course they have pictures all along the route. Almost every wall surface in our house has pictures. Here you see Arvin's photographs on the left, my teacher Trish Harding's painting straight ahead, and my paintings on the right. If you look closely you'll see a wonderful ceramic dish by Irene Lawson on the wall, and a great crow sculpture by an artist whose name I've forgotten. We like art and our house is full of it.

I took this with my wide angle lens and I like the whacky angle you get when you take architecture with a wide angle. For a closer look, check out the large version.

Today is another super busy day. We are heading out this afternoon to meet NannaK whom we've never met before. I'm really excited to meet her. Afterwards there is the chamber concert at the Ferry Terminal that is always a high point of the Bellingham Festival of Music. We are really looking forward to it. The concert opera we heard last night was fantastic. All the soloists were fabulous and the orchestra and chorus were great too. The soprano who played Constanza was totally amazing and I know we will be hearing more about her and her career in the not distant future. She was just plain awesome.

As usual lately there won't be much time for comments. I really appreciate all of you who stop by to visit my journal while I'm too busy to reciprocate. Thank you all.

Postscript: NannaK was wonderful as was her husband H. Arvin and I really enjoyed meeting them and had a great talk before it was time to head upstairs to our concert. We got seats in the back row due to how late we got in but were prepared to enjoy from there. We made our choice to see K and H and were just fine with our seats. But then two opened up in front and a Board member asked who would like them. I raised my hand and we got seats in the third row for a really wonderful concert of chamber music with strings and winds. We heard music by Schubert, Mendelssohn and Mozart. As usual the playing was superb. The food after was delicious. It was a perfect day.

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