Bastille Day Visitor

Happy Bastille Day! I remember fondly when I was twenty years old in Paris on Bastille Day. What a thrill. I know that all my French blip friends are having a big party tonight. I'm thinking of you all.

Meanwhile it is Monday and I had every intention of blipping a mono tree today. But then this morning, one of our really early mornings, at about six o'clock, Helena pointed this fellow out to me. He was chomping away on the peanuts I had just put out for the jays. He even had a bit of the inner shell papery stuff on his nose. Big. Bold and extremely cute. So of course I had to blip him instead of trees. And in color because, well just look at his wonderful color and the great colors in the background. It had to be color.

I'm enjoying all those mono tree photos you are posting on Mono Monday. Things are still pretty busy around here though I did get a bit of commenting in this morning which was good. Again, I think all you folks that keep visiting.

Just posted a portrait of NannaK and her husband in my Blipfolio from our visit together yesterday. And we had an amazing sunset last night. I almost changed my blip but decided not to.

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