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Vankeys Devine

Characters from Surf Tour IV – Conor Devine. In honor of today’s events, our boy Conor, social sec and future president, gets the photo of the day. Why is that? Well Conor, where ARE the van keys?
I'm proud of the photo composition-wise, though the focus IS slightly out (on the spray rather than on him). Dramatic editing is ridiculously fun with surf photos. Also, its much easier when the sky is not involved, must be said.


Birthdays: Thanks to everybody for the 500th blip wishes. Also, thanks for all the legit birthday wishes so far as well! Just so happens I managed to coincide both my blip birthday and 22nd. Much love to everyone.


A couple of us had agreed to wake up really early and make up for the lack of surfing yesterday by heading to the beach around 9am. In an interesting turn of events though, the van keys decided to remain hidden in Conor’s pocket while the whole camp was turned inside out to find them.
We still managed to rack in some decent surfing, but a bit later than planned! Can't think of much else we did today, I think we must have all headed back for the first round of FINES! Everyone's favorite smackdown on bad behavior throughout tour. I got off pretty easy, only three fines. One for first summer tour, one for graduand (GRADUANDS, WE DO WHAT WE WANT!) and one for PDA. Although that was purely scumbag Harvey pointing out that surf's cutest couple (that's Ali and me) should be punished for no reason whatsoever. Still, it ended with me and Jasper wrestling it out after a round of soggy bread aids. That did NOT end well.
Still better than a lot of people though. Ali and Brooks got it pretty bad for trying to act the social secs, which pissed off Mikey to no end. Gorman and Rhys also got punished quite badly. But if anything, Vankeys got the prime nuremberg from Harvey. A round of fines to remember.
Then of course we all went out. This time we took advantage of the various bars along the strip, both for drinks and food. The amount of bruises I sustained that night was probably unjustified, and lets just say a certain DJ deserved to be bruised himself, but much love to the crew otherwise for a massive night.

Song of the day – A Beatles Classic


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