By WharfedaleBex

Catching up

I took CJ to the vet today for her injections and check up - she was a quivering wreck as usual.

On the way home, we walked over the moors passing the Cow & Calf quarry along the way. There's a few routes on the far wall that I have followed Rich up but, remembering a few of them to be a touch awkward to say the least, I'm not sure I'd get up there now without a good winch.

Today was a little rushed and a little bit of a jolt back to reality but it was definitely productive and satisfying with good news from my tutees for the progress they've made at school.

Finally caught up with my last seven days of blips too - just not with all your lovely comments. So... Many thanks for spending time on my journal - I've really enjoyed reading them all and appreciate your kind words. I am hoping to find a few more moments later in the week to get a little more active again.

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