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Rowdey Cow

The previous afternoon the loan car from the repairers, an Aygo named Zaphod, arrived and I drove it over to Devizes on a maiden voyage to acclimatise in the morning.

My first port of call was the Rowdey Cow, a farm café and ice cream parlour in Rowde. As soon as you arrive, you are surrounded by animals. There is a field full of cows, the source of the Rowdey Cow ice cream that comes in a variety of changing flavours (I chose a tub of lime key), and also miniature Shetland ponies, alpacas, goats, Indian runner ducks, rheas with chicks, ponies, geese - all manner of animals including this exotic looking turkey.

I also called on the Caen Hill Locks and visited the café, which was a lot quieter than the Rowdey Cow, teaming with children, and I enjoyed a coffee overlooking a side pond. A buzzard called from overhead and there were two herons, one perched on a ledge in another side pond, but there was no sign of the swan family. A couple of ladies walking up the towpath told me that there were four cygnets surviving but that the parents had been taking them further afield in recent days. According to their Canal and River Trust page one of the cygnets is a Slipknot fan.

16.4.2014 (1145 hr)

Blip #1323
Consecutive Blip #185
Day #1562

A Day In The Devizes Area, 4 July 2014 (Flickr album)

Lenses: Pentax 17-70 mm, Pentax 55-300 mm x1.4 rear converter

Rowdey Cow (official website)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Little Eva - Let's Turkey Trot
"Oh we're gonna do the turkey trot again
Just like they did it back in 1910
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