Little Superstar DJ

The Crystal Method - Busy Child

The little prince woke up and I was woken from my slumber with his little feet running around the house with full power in circles. Despite being tired and a little drowsy (I'm usually very grumpy in the mornings) I grabbed him and hugged him so hard; kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss!!!! I know how my father and grandmother feels. The day was spent in and out of naps with cooking, talking and a post-mortem of Thor: The Dark World (meh) and Cube (perhaps my favourite Canadian / Torontonian film).

The little one's mother returned from her trip to Nagoya and we soon had plenty of chats, drinks and food for the rest of the day. It was extremely pleasurable to veg out in the wonderful hospitality of the family. Through reflection there is much worth of starting my own family and goals towards the longevity of my blood so to speak. I have definitely set forward in wanting to re-evaluate my life towards a greater goals over the obsession I have with the triviality of objects and art. It's a sign of normality but when the inherent need for survival kicks in and the supposed "longevity" beyond my physical life becomes apparent, I do not want to die leaving nothing but problems. An over-idealized concept for sure, but I see my friends, extended family and loved ones progressing in such amazing ways, that I can't help but feel that I want to dedicate my life to something greater than the fleeting wants of the immediate greed.

Basically, as expected, my visit was to better myself psychologically. H&J&A always help settle my mind. But now to manifest courage to follow through. I have made the same mistake time and time again, not to deal with my inner anxieties and subconscious problems and instead wade in unnecessary distractions such as DJing, photography and the short-term gratification of my selfish need for objects.

We also spent a lot of time talking about movies, art and music. Essential pleasures to help pass the time and alleviate from seriousness. The discipline of making the distinction between hiding and mental progress is a thin line to tread. Much love.

Here is little A being fed music by his awesome mother. Both parents have dedicated their lives for a new one. A sacrifice I have yet to undertake. Well done.

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