A Little 'owl Of Fear In Those Eyes?

I went to Tillingham via The Homestead to collect the big vase of stocks and oriental lilies that I had placed in the dining-room fireplace. Nobody to see them there now so I took them to Mother at her care home. There was only one of the ten histories I had put on the dining table left. A good sign I think. I will get feedback about the open house from the agent tomorrow.

My sister and I took Mother to the Tillingham Flower Show. She bought a bunch of carrots from Sarah Green's stall. I told Sarah that I had heard of her through through clarebeme on Blip. :) I took a pic of her stall and have Tweeted it @sally4green.

One could pay to hold an owl. This little owl caught my eye. I have a pic of my daughter holding a fledgeling that we found when she was about six. She was as wide-eyed as the owl. Its parents used to perch on the telegraph pole outside our Nissen hut.

I felt uneasy about the owls being tethered in the heat surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the crowd. I feel the same way when I'm in a zoo. I like to photograph wildlife in the wild. However, maybe contact with these unfortunate owls will spark an interest and reverence for wildlife in some of the people who came up close and personal with them?

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