Fan Of Tommy Smith Fanzines

Feel like the pressure is off a bit. Nothing much more we can do at The Homestead other than maintaining what we have already achieved. Nine of sister Sally's histories I left on the dining table have gone to interested parties. Looking forward to finding out how yesterday's open house went from the agent tomorrow.

I've printed ten more copies, that's all I had folders for. Not keen on the garish colours, sort of wish I'd paid a bit extra to get something more restrained. Amazing how much Staples charge for flimsy bits of plastic. It took me ages and I was thinking all the time about Tommy printing his book in the shed.

The pic on the front is a plaque that was let into the brickwork when he built the house. Shame I couldn't get my text exactly where I wanted it in Photobucket. :( The agent's Homestead brochure is underneath.

The first page bears a big pic of Tommy Smith. Sally says that she admires his "true grit."

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