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By Lesley

Loud and bright

Would well describe my afternoon spent at Mother Goose, the panto production of the theatre group I belong to. Took Jackson along with a couple of other friends and their kids. After the Lion King debacle of last week, Anna stayed at home with Carl. It was a good production and managed to provide enough for the adults which the kids laughed at whilst quite clearly not knowing why and some great stuff for everyone including an excellent puppet scene to Bohemian Rhapsody. Only slightly irking bit was a total disregard of a logical storyline in favour of making a dubious moral point. But it is panto, fun was had by all and we can now officially say that Christmas is done.

We won the raffle and Jackson demonstrated some excellent big brothering by choosing the pom-poms to take home for Anna, rather than the pen-set for himself. I really do find such moments heart-warming and must commit them to posterity for all those times when it is not so.

Needless to say Anna was overjoyed by the bringing home of pom-poms and even changed her outfit to match. This is her waving them over the camera whilst I lie on the floor and try to avoid the overhead lights. Not the most in focus shot but we all agreed the best one as it has the greatest sense of movement.

Not surprisingly the day has involved a considerable amount of sugar so off to see how many vegetables and non-sugary carbs I can get into them by way of balance.

Then a chilled out Sunday evening in store for the grown-ups (I seem to have completely lost the use of the word adults*) with chinese pork loins, vegetable stir-fry and the second episode of MadMen.

Lesley x

*actually, the only time in recent history when I have remembered to use 'adult' instead of 'grown-up' didn't go well as I was handing over some old DVDs for the school Christmas fair and I said some of them are children's and some of them are adult...

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