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In an effort to re-dress the balance on the ratio of Stirling - Edinburgh Castle photos on blipfoto, I scouted around a bit today to try and get an angle for this shot.

The hills and mountains to the west of Stirling are still covered in the white stuff and I noticed how prominent they were yesterday in the bright sunshine.

I had to wait around with numb fingers and an increasingly runny nose for the sun today as the skies weren't as crystal clear as yesterday. I managed to catch a few meagre beams as they caught the buildings on top of Castle hill before my ears gave in to frostbite though.

Not 100% sure that the dominant mountain in the distance is Stuc a Chroin but it's between that and Ben Vorlich I think. If anyone can confirm this so that I can keep my Tags accurate that would be most appreciated. Ta.

Best appreciated BIG.

PS - A quick search on here has "Edinburgh Castle" showing 120 images (thought there would be more actually) compared with "Stirling Castle" which shows 26; 27 after this though :-)

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