Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Spire And Arrows

The mobile went off at 8am, waking me up. I was so asleep I couldn't make out who it was from as it was upside down! That call out got me out of bed and travelling along the M4.

Our Cardiff City season tickets arrived this morning, and my son picked me up to go and watch their last friendly match against a german team, FC Wolfsburg which ended a nice 3-3. The season starts next week. Everyone was directed to sit in the new stand. There was chaos as they'd double printed tickets so you just sat in any free seats. I sat down, and it turned out it was next to my childhood friend, Geoff Reed, who lived next door to my nan, opposite The Millenium Stadium. That was 50 years ago. I'd seen him briefly when Cardiff got to Play-off final against Blackpool on 22 May 2010, but couldn't talk due to needing to get to our seat. Well, this time we had a good chat. He's a Corporate solicitor in Cardiff City Centre. We exchanged details and will keep in touch. Both of us haven't changed much in appearance, despite the passing years.

The blip photo is more or less what you see on entering Cardiff on Western Avenue. I've always liked the colourful arrows on the walls and the view of Llandaff Cathedral Spire that you see going under the flyover. 150 miles along the M4 is London. The long road oft travelled.

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