Butterfly Heaven

Quiet, sunny, hot, colourful. Bees gently humming, millions of butterflies dancing; I was on limestone grassland bordered by woodland, on a carpet of the most luscious wild flowers...EVER! Quintessentially English pasture with an explosion of beauty!

Finding, and not by accident the most gorgeous meadow, I was in butterfly heaven here at Daneway Banks, home to the very rare species of Large Blue butterflies reintroduced and thriving here and I can see why.

Reaching the top of the small rolling hill, having seen so many new species to me I spied these two common blues in 'butterfly heaven' and sat down to take a few shots with the dogs under instruction pain of death not to move an inch. They do know by now to sit to one side which is great. Gutted when up popped, 'Camera card full!' ( just shows how many I had taken already) so had to go through quickly and delete a few millions as the camera bag was in the car! Managed to get some shots in spite of a nasty fly trying to infiltrate the huge slash from a bramble in my leg which I'd caught on the way up the hill.

Will put up more of today on Flickr shortly.

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