Stay The Course

By marcdivincenzo

Snowy Mountains

So there was a big snow storm last night and I guess going into this morning. Even thought that means it was very cold outside all last night and today, the snow looks absolutely beautiful! After I was finished with my business class this morning (usually it starts at 8:45 but the early classes were delayed until 10 due to the weather) Kevin and I walked around the campus to take some pictures. While we were trying to this of a place to go shoot, I had remembered looking out of the window of my classroom this morning and think that the mountains looked amazing, especially with the snow! So that's where Kevin and I went to do most of our shooting.

We also made a few stops on the way to and from the Anisfield School of Business, where we shot the mountain. We stopped at this one area near the Berrie Center for the Arts. There is this really cool arch type structure over one of the walkways but I decided against using one of those pictures for my blip because I just absolutely love the way that the mountains look!

I hope you all enjoy the photo!

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