Stay The Course

By marcdivincenzo

Home Sweet Home

I came home from Ramapo today! My afternoon of course started with a shift at Harmon lasting from 3-10pm. It actually wasn't too terrible. It was relatively slow and there were a bunch of cool people closing tonight. During my break, I went over to Blimpie (as I usually do) and ate a buffalo chicken sandwich and it was absolutely delicious!

But after work (and my sandwich) I headed back to home in River Vale. When I got there, to my surprise there weren't a million people running about the house playing poker and being loud. The house was actually very calm, with my sister Michelle sitting on her laptop in the dining room and no one else to be seen. Later on when it was time to take my blip for the day, I went into the garage where Tank (Michelle's boyfriend who's name is actually Jim) had set up a little hang out spot, complete with a microwave and toaster oven and all kinds of chairs and couches. It is actually very cozy in there, especially with the place heater keeping it warm.

All in all, it was a very relaxing night and even though I don't go to school very far away, it is nice to be home. I am really looking forward to being back this weekend but at the same time, I do miss my friends at school and am also looking forward to heading back there on Sunday.

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