Stay The Course

By marcdivincenzo

Dance Party

I am actually back-blipping right now because we were all out so late last night and when we got home, I was too tired to upload it! But Tara's and Greg's birthdays are coming up soon so we all figured that we should have a little celebration. To do this, a large group of us went to Webster Hall in Manhattan for a techno concert! It was so much fun! The beats were so loud that when you heard the bass, you couldn't do anything but get out of your seat and dance!

Danielle and I were pretty much tearing up the dance floor for most of the night. And even though my sister Michelle was sporting her fancy sparkly dress (as shown in the picture above) she didn't do much dancing at all because she was not feeling well. But I had an absolutely amazing time and would totally do something like this again!

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