Stay The Course

By marcdivincenzo


Tonight was pretty relaxing. I hung out with Danielle earlier in the day and we took a little trip to Bergen County Camera where I bought a UV filter, a lens cap, and a new strap for my camera. After that, we went over to Blockbuster because we thought we felt like watching a movie that night but after we looked through everything, nothing looked interesting enough to rent. Once we were finished there, we made one last stop at the Country Store where I bought a chicken sandwich with american cheese, lettuce, tomato then back at my house I applied the hot sauce.

Shortly after I finished eating my delicious sandwich, it was time for Danielle to go home to eat dinner so I dropped her off. Now being as how that sandwich was the only thing I had eaten all day, I decided that I would take a trip over to Kazuki and get some sushi and it was so amazingly delicious! I had 6 pieces of eel (unagi), a California roll, and a Mexican roll and every single bite was just as delicious as the one before it! Being as how I couldn't move after finishing my meal, I relaxed in front of the TV and watched the Rangers beat the Devils 3-1, which I was very happy about! Danielle would join me later on in the night and we just kind of hung out and watched Food network, as we always do!

It was a great day!

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