It's a baldy bald life!

By DrK

Day 3 ITERA: Glasbury

A day of doing less today and even a bit longer in bed! I say bed but it was in fact Rosemary's thermarest in my tent. The rain was battering off the fly sheet so I didn't fancy venturing out too early. When I did, I caught up with Rosemary and her team for a few minutes and it was good to see they were in good spirits, even though tiredness was starting to show. It's the first time I've camped beside a war memorial too!

Later, I helped pack a lorry but it was a struggle as I had 'pinged' my shoulder when lifting a bike box the previous day the day before. We had a longer drive than normal, and a trip over into England too. It was for a kayaking stage from Glasbury on the River Wye.

Even though we had the luxury of a bunkhouse, I pitched the tent to get it dried, helped get stuff sorted and then wandered into the village to see if I could get some ok food. I lucky enough to find a posh cafe, although the veggie options were limited. I shared a table with Nick Grasie's wife (Nick is a great adventure racer having won the world champs in 2009) and their three little kids. I'm a natural communicator with the young ones as my imagination is so vivid. It's amazing how it's possible to have a pretty good chat with a 7 year old.....I even managed to get Benjamin to admit that he enjoyed his soup, even though he had told his mum it was horrible.

I then walked back to the bunkhouse eating my first piece of fruit of the day, a juicy pear. Unfortunately, it was encased in a muffin with hunks of dark chocolate too. Back at the bunkhouse, I was accosted by the Grasie's kids again, who very being a little boisterous. I threatened to cover them in honey so the beasties would come and suck their blood if they didn't behave. Gah....little boys like such gruesomeness and became a bigger handful when they discovered I wouldn't follow through with the threat!

We were up really early the next day so I went to bed reasonably early and slept right through to 5am.

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