Beth Wester Ross

By bethceol

Around the World in 80 Blips - 3

I'm not sure where this is in the "time continuum" of blipping the blipper, but here is Dublinshooter this morning in Dublin (of all places). I had a bit of bother avoiding screen glare etc, but hopefully you can all make out the red-jacketed figure standing alone at the corner building.

Great fun, this!

My nearest webcam is Eilean Donan Castle

I am going to be doing a couple of gigs in Kyle at the beginning of August, so I could make a wee detour to the castle, and jump up and down on the ramparts! I would have to take a bunch of balloons with me to make me stand out at that distance, however.

Whilst I was searching for the nearest webcam, I came across a couple of beauts. Check this out - webcams of Scotland

There are a couple of interesting ones, such as the otters and the ospreys. Then you come across Neilston web cam and, best of all, Shedcam.

The world is a richer place for having these people on it -

And, of course, for having blippers on it!

........ and, now - from the other side!

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