youngies journey

By youngie66

Ooh I Lurv Your Eyes

Well It was off to Leeds today as I came in on the train and I washaving a rummage around in my rucksack I found a wee bag of maltesers so scoffed them down as I hadn't had any breakfast, as I had went out earlier to collect my repaired surround sound dvd player and tried it out to make sure all was working well I cranked up the volume and the room just throbbed with noise and the wooden floor rumbled with the subwoofer giving out serous vibration oh how I have missed that thankfully both neighbours either side were out at the time lol anyway I digress ahh yes I was in the station and the weekly friday market in the station adjacent to platform two had some wild birds there with some owls, ravens & falcons so I grabbed a shot of two or three of them whilst my colleagues upstairs were staring out the window at me taking photos whilst they took a photo of me taking photos to put on FB so my mates could slag me off thankfully being thick skinned helps haha anyway the clue to my movie today will be the bird on show here along with my chocolates I ate earlier see if you can guess before I right that part up anyway it was a fairly quiet day on the railway no hold ups or anything disasterous happening and then I got the late train home now then movie for the day is ohh and it's off to Leeds again on the same job tomorrow right movie for the day is " The Maltese Falcon 1941" which is the Humphry Bogart version Looks good BIG as well, as this Falcon was looking all around for pigeons flying around the station always on the hunt are Falcons from what the woman holding her told me See Ya

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