A Return to Colour

21.5C starting with light rain. A short dry bright spell through the middle of the day followed by very heavy showers. Light breeze.

Apothecary7's day off. M&S cafe at City Quay then a little grocery shopping. Too damp to wander up to the Howff though. We went home via Broughty Ferry. We had a walk from the harbour up round the town. Charity Shop visits were made.

On the way we noticed the back door of a Tapas bar was open and these colourful tiles on the stairs were visible from the street. I thought them worth a return to colour.

A jolly fellow who we assumed to be the owner of the bar (and who was outside for a 'fresh air' break) told us that the tiles were from Spain. He was rather pleased with his olive trees which have come on well in very large pots this summer. He joked that the tiny amount of oil he could press from the olives might repay the cost of the trees in a few decades :-)

After lunch, and during the dry bright spell, I took Maeve the Deerhound for a walk.

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